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Important Legal Update !

Important Update Folks – Sit Back , Relax And Enjoy The Long Read – Sharing This With All of You So You Know What It Takes To Build A Billion $$$ Company And Also That Our Tech Team , Legal And Finance Team Is Always On The Job And Taking Every Step To Ensure That You Have A Long Future With Click Intensity .
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So In Last 72 Hours 2 Users – ( though we are pretty sure its one person) tried to cheat the system in a very interesting way -:)
Check the screenshots and you will know what I mean !
Looks Like They Are Pretty Expert Hackers And Some How They Managed To Hack Into Payza API’s ( That’s Why I personally don’t like Payza as their systems are pretty outdated and customer service super slow ) and create dummy transactions of $5 and $3 each and credited themselves with $5000 and $2300 worth of gold coins respectively……..
Then In Next 5 Minutes They Used Instant Advcash To Advcash Transfer Feature To Cash Out These Gold Coins :)
Pretty Smart Move except they forgot that they are dealing with Click Intensity here which is a 6 year old company with enough cash reserves and super strong management team which has the contacts and expertise to deal with any of such people and monitor fraud transactions.
As of Now Both These Accounts Are Terminated – 100,000 Gold Coins in Balance Is Seized
Also Their Ip addresses have already been tracked and a report has been issued against them to local authorities and our lawyers are already on the job !
Advcash’s head of customer service has already been contacted as per our partnership agreement and their withdrawls will be reversed soon.
To Ensure That This does not happens again , here are few steps which we are taking immediately which will help us all to build a more stable and more secure CI system
1) All Instant Withdrawls ( Payza and Advcash) Are Stopped Till This Tuesday 11.59 AM EST so that our IT team can re- review the instant withdrawl APi’s and implement required checks .
2) Payza option to purchase gold coins will be stopped till further notice
( This is to ensure that our tech team is able to co-ordinate with their’s and let them know about their system loopholes and they can correct their merchant API’s
This process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks )
Moment it’s sorted out – It will be back again for purchasing gold coins
3) Strict KYC parameters will be implemented with full force asap in coming week and hence kindly keep your Picture Id Proof Handy
Only one account per person
4) Once instant withdrawls are back on Tuesday , Any Withdrawl requests above $500+ will go through a manual review process and will be processed in batches once every 24-48 hours.
5) Manual withdrawls via Bitcoins will continue as usual with a 24-72 hour processing time for withdrawls upto $5000 per request and around 72-96 hours for transactions above $5000+ per withdrawl request
6) Gold coins will still remain the currency of the system but all product purchases will be made directly via processors i.e Paypal , Advcash , STP , Payza , Payeer , Bitcoins , Perfect Money , Payeer Etc.
This essentially means that once this is implemented in next 2-3 days you will no longer have to purchase Gold Coins First And Then Purchase Silver Packs .
Instead you can purchase Products ( Silver packs , Other premium Gold Products ) Directly using processors.
( I know a lot of you wanted this as it makes the system more easy to explain to new people )
Revenue share Profits , Referral And Team Building Commissions Will Continue to come in gold coins which can be used to re-purchase silver packs for compounding profits , other gold premium products or withdrawl of commissions.
Hope it was a good read and you all like the updates which are being implemented to ensure the safety of Click Intensity so that we are here for generations to come and you can pass this business further to your next 7 generations.
On the business side – things could not have been better.
In the last 7 days our team has been able to achieve a lot including faster loading of all stats , mobile optmization of website , downline to upline messaging etc.
And Next in line is complete optimization of referral system , all email notifications and gold coin tasks.
Our Alexa rankings are through the roof and now we are in top 21,000 sites globally.
We also managed to cross over 80,000 users globally and some of our top earners are easily averaging $1000-$3000 days just in pure referral commissions .
So many new people from all around the world are finally able to make their first $ online by simply purchasing silver packs , clicking their 10 ads daily and enjoying the revenue share profits every 30 minutes.
I do see a future in next 12 months where we will be crossing over 1 million members globally , people making as much as $5000-$10,000 daily referral commissions or more and 100 % of these one million people around the world making money every 30 minutes by simply clicking 10 ads daily.
To your Time and Financial Freedom Via Click Intensity
Nick Johnson
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